Check security of doors
and windows

Visual check of patio/deck

Visual check of landscaping

Clear yard of paper debris

Check outside lighting fixtures for damage and/or bulb outages

Check interior lighting for damage and/or bulb outages

Check that thermostat is
working per instructions

Run faucets

Flush toilets

Check that refrigerator and
freezer are working

Visual check of interior and garage ceilings for obvious leaks

Visual check of washing machine connection for obvious leaks

Visual check of water heater for obvious leaks

Visual check for rodent and
pest infestation

Take note of unusual odors

Mt. Princeton looking through a gate

Other Unique Services

Security Alarm contact person

Your garaged vehicles: will start
and run them*

Grocery buying service*

House cleaning service*

Concierge service*

Snow removal from roofs*

Cords of wood*

Snow plowing*

Take pictures of special events, wildlife, and your home & e-mail them to you.

* We do have additional rates for these unique services.

TLC Home Watch Rates

Checking your home once a week, the monthly rate is $110.00.

If you are a cleaning client of Carrie's, the monthly rate with one cleaning is $160.00.

Checking your home once every two weeks, the monthly rate is $70.00.

Starting your vehicles and running them once a month, the rate is $30.00.

Concierge services are $35.00 per hour with a minimum one hour charge for this service.

Will discuss other service charges as the need arises.

Mt. Princeton view
Buffalo Peaks in Snow

TLC Home Watch checks for maintenance problems, vandalism, and break-ins. It by no means makes us responsible if something should happen. If something unpleasant should occur, TLC Home Watch will contact you to help resolve the problem the fastest and easiest way possible, per your instructions.

Special That Only TLC Offers

TLC Home Watch is the only home watch service to offer the following special: Have your property checked once a week and have the interior of your home cleaned once a month for the low price of $160.00. That is a savings of $30.00 per month.


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