"I highly recommend hiring TLC to watch your home when it is empty. Two trustworthy and efficient people with experienced eyes for detail make sure that everything is properly secure and functioning in my home when I am away. They provide lots of Tender Loving Care for my beloved mountain home in addition to lots of peace of mind for me."

-- Barbara O'Donnell

"If you need someone who will care about your home as much as you do, Carrie Carey is the person you are looking for. Carrie is dependable, does a great job cleaning and is there to meet delivery and repair people if you are not home. She will respond promptly to calls and emails as well as send pictures of your home and the area if you cannot be there. Highly recommended."

-- Harold and Cathy

"We have used Carrie's home watch and cleaning service for nine years and can't say enough good things about her and the service she provides. She has conscientiously cared for our home and grounds, which made our life worry free when we were not able to physically be there for months at a time. She made our lifestyle possible. Once in the middle of winter, our furnace stopped working. Carrie discovered it and immediately called the repairman, who fixed it within the day. She found a dead dear on the property and had it removed without my having to do anything. When a severe storm broke tree branches, she had them hauled away in short order. She is well known in town and knows the right people to call for every emergency. She kept our home clean and running smoothly. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help to look after their home, whether you live there or use it as a second home."

-- Bobbie Wilson


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